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Subway Sandwiches Sublime for Students

Luke Coutts Staff Report The Pawprint

Everybody loves the sandwiches they make themselves. To other people, including myself, the best sandwich ever is the one you make yourself if you have the ingredients. This is what makes Subway ingenious in its design; it’s fast enough to be a fast food joint,  it’s far healthier, and you can customize the menu to satisfy your hunger. And it’s the reason why is the most popular fast food chain restaurant in the world, surpassing even MacDonald’s. Quick, healthy, and tasty; everything a fast food place should be. The convenience of Subway is also a plus; it is right outside our school. Whether you’re going to a DAA production or practicing for basketball, you don’t want to do that on an empty stomach.  Subway is perfect for those people looking for a bite to eat and wanting it to be nearby and tasting good. On my visit to Subway, I chose to buy a sandwich from the menu, which was the meatball marinara, and then a custom made sandwich catered to my liking. Both sandwiches were fantastic, and the service is great. Most of the business comes from the students of DAA. In my time coming and going to the restaurant, I usually found other students going to eat there.  Subway is a great fast food place, with the convenience of it only being 2 minutes away from the school building, and with the fact that the food is good and the service friendly, Subway is the place to eat after school.

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  1. nice alliteration

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