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Freshmen Take Safa Park by Storm

By Anandita Narula Staff Reporter The Pawprint

Photo by Anandita Narula. Freshman participate in a game of volleyball at Safa Park.

While the Sophomores and Juniors stressed over taking their PSATs, freshmen enjoyed the smell of fresh grass.  Dubai American Academy’s Freshmen were delighted to release their stress through a field trip to Safa Park by showcasing a variety of sport-related activities.

On 30 October the grade nine students went on an exhilarating field trip to Safa Park. Whilst the Sophomores and Juniors were taking their PSATs, the Freshmen were enjoying their field trip. During this field trip, the Freshmen did many sport-related activities and finished off with a small picnic with their homerooms at the park.

“Everyone, including the teachers, seemed to be thrilled and ecstatic at this field trip, giving their fullest to each activity,” stated Freshman Meghna Banerjee. Homerooms competed with other homerooms in a series of activities. The homerooms got points from each activity and the homeroom with the most points at the end won a pizza party.

It seemed like many thought that this field trip did not have beneficial outcomes, but Freshman Fareeha Mahmood said, “I think this field trip was helpful, because we had many team building activities, such as the human pyramid, wheelbarrow and more, and it allowed students in each homeroom to bond with each other and have fun! “

Although some would beg to differ, Freshman Meghna Banerjee stated, “In my opinion, this time could have been spent more wisely if it were spent finishing projects or studying for upcoming tests. A time to catch up, prepare, etc.”

Showing great team spirit and hard work, Mrs. Reem’s homeroom ‘The Sweeties’, with the greatest amount of points, won the pizza party.

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  1. It’s interesting to see what Freshmen thought of the trip. Nice work!

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