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Macbeth comes to life at DAA assembly

By Bedoor Al Jandal Staff Reporter The Pawprint

As the students of DAA rush into the auditorium for their weekly Monday assembly, they are surprised with a preview of Shakespeare’s Macbeth on 28 October 2013. Directed by Drama teacher Padraig Downey, the Shakespearean play will make it’s first official appearance at DAA from 17-19 November.


The preview showcased the rising action of the play. The first scene shown included Macbeth, played by Junior Mark Schmelter and various cast members, as they stood in a formal stance in front of King Duncan, played by Junior Toufiq Shakhshir. Then, the second scene exhibited Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s potential dark scheme, played by Schmelter and Junior Charlotte Russell.

Out of the all the plays by Shakespeare, Macbeth is the most tragic and appealing to those in the Drama department. “We chose Macbeth not only because [we] have a preference for it, but I believe it has what all great drama [performances] should have”, said Downey. Seeing the look of fascination in the audience’s faces really pleased him. “I was so surprised,” stated Downey, “the high school really rose to the challenge”.

However, for those on stage, the nerves were kicking in. “I was shaking!” said Schmelter. “But having that feeling makes you more aware of what you’re doing and gives you the motivation to do good. If I wasn’t nervous at all, then I would’ve been worried,” added Schmelter. A new student at DAA, Schmelter portrays the pretentious captain named Macbeth, who gives into his dark ambitions. He has done productions in his previous school, but was astounded when he landed the main role of the play.  “I was surprised for a second. I thought that I would just get a small role because I was new, and Mr. Downey didn’t know me well. But to get the lead role, that was unexpected,” stated Schmelter.

As the final performances are coming very soon, Downey is thrilled to show the DAA community what he has been working on. “We have an amazing set, and it’s just a really nice challenge. I’m excited to see how it will turn out,” stated Downey. The students at DAA are just as excited as he is. “Mark is an impeccable actor,” said Junior Hoor Al Jandal, “I can’t wait to see what the whole play looks like,” added Al Jandal.

Seats can be reserved through a Google Apps link on DAA’s Events 2013-2014 group on Facebook.

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