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Upcoming MESAC Events

By Labeabah Al-Roum Staff Reporter The Pawprint

Students! The time is finally here! After the long wait, preparations, and practicing, the MESAC Sports, Academic Games, and Arts have just begun.

Sports Coordinator Ms. O’ Reilly states, “The sports that are starting are Junior Varsity and Varsity Soccer, Junior Varsity and Varsity Basketball, Cross Country, and Tennis, as well as Senior Fine Arts.”

As Dubai American Academy has been one of the most enthusiastic and well-led in sports, students and staff are eager to see the outcomes of upcoming events, as well as the future teams. “I think when we do home games it’s fantastic, it’s an amazing atmosphere however if we are not playing a home match against ASD it could be better,” said O’Reilly about school spirit. As for the JV and Varsity Academic Games and Arts O’ Reilly states, “Our JV teams from what I hear could do very well and have done very well [while] the people in our varsity teams are very young and are learning a lot and improving so they could surprise people.”

Teams that will be traveling are Varsity Soccer, which will go to Abu Dhabi, Varsity Basketball will go to Oman, JV Basketball will go to Doha, and the Tennis and Cross-country will go to Delhi. Freshman Jamie Freiha states, “The competition will be a be a bit of an obstacle because our basketball tryouts are mixed with varsity players so we play with them and we have some practices with them too, a lot of people in our school are really good at Basketball.”

Freshman Maria Ludvigson also states, “I’m really excited to try out for the football teams this year. I think I have a good chance at making JV but I would really like to make varsity. The competition to get on either team is big because of the returning players and new people that are old enough to try out now. Last year’s team was great, it was my first JV team experience and it was amazing. Everybody was so nice and we went to Doha for MESAC together, which was an unforgettable experience! It is safe to say that the competition will be tough, so students get ready and start practicing because MESAC will begin in just the blink of an eye.”

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