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Genie Awards to be Held Earlier this Year!

By Farah Gad Staff Reporter The Pawprint

One of the most entertaining and exciting events at Dubai American Academy is happening sooner than you think! Genie Awards, our annual school talent show, held in the Dubai American Academy auditorium, is only three months away since it is going to be brought forward to December this year. Singing, dancing, and acting are just a few of the amazing talents that will be performed by students at the Genie Awards. It is a wonderful event as not only students in high school, but also teachers, parents, and students from other schools come to watch it.

It is unique compared to talent shows in other Dubai schools and around the world because in between each performance there is a small skit which is performed by the MC’s. “I cannot even begin to describe how funny and well written the scripts are for the skits,” said Senior Oona Rantanen. “Genie awards is my favorite event at Dubai American Academy because it’s so amazing to see how much hidden talent our school really has, and you don’t get to see that every day in school behind those desks,” said Senior Nadia Williams. “I’m really looking forward to taking part of the senior skit with all my friends this year as it is my last year at Dubai American Academy.”

Last year there were many disappointed students who were not able to attend Genie Awards as the there were not enough seats in the auditorium. “This year I am actually going to run to the office to buy my Genie Awards ticket because last year they sold out really fast,” said Senior Iman Vakil.

Although it takes place on a weekend night, almost everybody in high school comes to watch it…better hurry and get your tickets as soon as they start selling them! “It is definitely something you do not want to miss…trust me,” said Senior Isabelle Peerdeman. Delicious snacks such as pizza, cookies, and soft drinks have been sold outside the auditorium during intermission in the previous years and will most likely be the cause this year. Everybody should try to come out and support your friends in Genie Awards!

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