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From Hours to Goals

By Hae Won Jung Staff Reporter The Pawprint Last year the Creativity Action Service (CAS) program was based on hours and only Seniors worked on goal focused CAS.  However, this year all IB studentswill start working on goal focused CAS and the new CAS system will be introduced to Freshmen and Sophomores as well. The goal of CAS is to develop well-rounded students and encourage them to be compassionate and engage in new challenges. The change in the type of CAS will help  students reflect more on their work and therefore develop this goal more.

CAS Coordinator Joshua Nelson said, “Originally the students had to meet a 150-hour target, and it was just used as a goal.” This created a system where students were focused on meeting the requirements. The new CAS system makes the students reflect on their experiences throughout their activity, not only in the end. These reflections can be done in diaries, Twitter, or any other way that presents themselves. Nelson said, “Now it meets more with the learning outcome and is more meaningful to students”.

When asked about the change, Junior Tiffany Khalife said, “Goal focused CAS hours are good because we don’t have to be measured in hours but on reflections and on personal experiences.” Senior Paulina Wunsch said,” It’s easier to achieve your goal, and it’s harder to fake the activities you do.”

The IB learner outcome includes seeking new challenges, working collaboratively with others and knowing personal areas for growth. The CAS hour system has always been there, but as Nelson said, “With this change, students will be more conscious of their actions.”

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