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A Proud Leopard Tradition: Varsity Boys Beat ASD

By Anshull Raghuram Sports Editor The Pawprint

Photo by Ahmed M'ayyed. Varsity Boys celebrate their win after beating ASD by two sets.

“The support was absolutely fantastic,” were the words of Dubai American Academy’s (DAA) Athletic Director Jodi O’Reilly on 26 September after last Thursday Night’s Volleyball Game.  “It was great to have this much support for a home game,” she added on as at least 200 people attended the event to support the Leopards.

The Varsity Boys volleyball team beat American School of Dubai (ASD) by two sets to one. DAA took the first set and put ASD into a situation where they had to make a comeback.  There were several shows of dominance by both sides as there were great passes, serves, blocks and attacks in that first set. This style of gameplay carried on into the second set.  ASD did eventually make that comeback by winning the second set 25-23 in a very close encounter.  In the final set, DAA was absolutely dominating and it looked clear that the Leopards were going to win.  However, there were some late-match jitters that caused a few mistakes – making the match in a tight situation again.  However, some great attacking plays ended the third set on a winning note for DAA, with the scoreboard showing 25-15.

However, the same success story cannot be told about the girl’s game.  The DAA Varsity Girls had some of the school’s most talented volleyball players but ended up on the losing side with the scores at 14-25, 25-16, 21-25.  There were some great attacks down the court winning some valuable points but invaluable mistakes cost DAA the game.  However, it is just the start of what is potentially a great season for DAA, so there are many more opportunities for the girls to win.

Freshman Kiyaan Popat stated, “I was predicting that both the boys and girls were going to win their games.  I was hoping that the girls would win, but it came close towards the end.  I thought the boys would win, which they did!”  Despite any results, the atmosphere of Thursday Night Game is always eye-catching.  Last Thursday’s crowd was as energetic as ever. Sophomore Pieter De Maaker said, “Amazing.  The crowd and atmosphere was absolutely amazing.  I’ve been to many Thursday Night Games and I have to say, this one had the best crowd.”  The atmosphere, crowd, entertainment, and most importantly, the match are what makes Thursday Night Game a proud leopard tradition.

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