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Blown Out of the Water

By Eruj Haider Feature Editor The Pawprint

The new school year just kicked off with the first major event of the year, Swim-A-Thon. On Friday 28 September, students from all grades here at Dubai American Academy (DAA), gathered for an evening of swimming and fundraising. Student Council spent hours setting up the event around the high school pool, complete with a stage for performers, a tie-dye station for T-shirts, and 500 water balloons ready to be tossed. Multiple charities including Médecins San Frontières (MSF), Help the Workers Foundation, Operation Smile, UNICEF, and Global Network set up stalls where they sold food, drinks, or other goods in order to raise money and awareness.

Swimathon 2013

The event, headed by Senior Chiara Emiliani and Junior Faiz Moosa, started at 4 PM with a variety of activities and plenty of food. Numerous performers took the stage to show off their talents in singing and dancing, including Sophomore Robyn Lazala who said, “Singing at Swim-A-Thon was a great experience. I loved the event this year and enjoyed performing as well.” The evening ended with a wrestling match between Math Teacher Raymond Weins and History Teacher Ryan Carey.

The dedication of a select few swimmers really shined through. However, this year fewer swimmers from the DAA team participated in Swim-A-Thon as they had a meet the following morning. Additionally, there was a lack in swimmers from each grade who signed up to swim laps. Despite these issues, the many charities did manage to raise money for Dubai Cares. Junior Anushka Kartha, Student Body Vice-President said, “The individual charities present at Swim-A-Thon showed really high levels of commitment and dedication towards their cause by baking and getting food and selling it.”

While the event was satisfying for many, English Teacher and Student Council Advisor Preston Spradling stated that, “I think the music was better this year and the temperature was better this year, but we had a really disappointing number of people swimming laps, and the wrestling was better last year.” To improve this, Spradling jokingly suggested for Math Teacher Isaac Carey to take part in the wrestling match next year.

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  1. Nice article. The event was fun!

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