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Imparting Wisdom

By Catherine Said Online Content Editor The Pawprint

Photo by Catherine Said. Seniors Serene Mansour and Amina Abdelilah deliver advice to a freshman class.

Photo by Catherine Said. Seniors Serene Mansour and Amina Abdelilah deliver advice to a freshman class.

“We hope that these talks will help [the Freshmen] navigate the windy road of high school,” said Counselor Scott Lassey. We all have our own memories on how our high school careers began. Although some may look back on those days fondly, others may cringe, wishing they had known better.

Seniors Visit Freshman Homerooms

The middle and high school are separated only by their shared library, but the transition from the former to the latter requires some adjusting to. In the first week of October, Dubai American Academy’s (DAA) seniors paid a visit to freshmen classrooms to give talks about their high school experiences. In order to offer guidance to this year’s incoming class, the seniors shared what they had personally gained over the past years.

“I think this is a fantastic opportunity for both seniors and freshmen – for seniors to be able to make a positive impact on their school in the three years after they’ve left and for freshmen to learn valuable lessons from upperclassmen,” said Lassey. Topics addressed included extracurricular activities, average amount of sleep, maintaining a social life, and time management.

“There’s a focus on our high school experiences – things we didn’t do and wish we would have and things we did do and loved,” said Senior Dakota Thorson. With so many options available it’s important that freshmen are aware that they should be open to what comes their way and that there is bound to be something they will be passionate about.

“It was encouraging to find out that we should be enjoying ourselves now before it gets too hard,” said Freshman Olivia Boraiko. “It was also really reassuring to hear the seniors say that even though it was tough, we’d all manage,” said Freshman Shereen Riad. High school can be intimidating as it is normally a student’s first encounter with having to be both academically and socially independent and the seniors are in an ideal position to advise underclassmen on this. It is hoped that the Class of 2017 will greatly benefit from the suggestions the seniors have passed on.

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